Refugees for refugees

Refugees for Refugees (RFR) was created in Kakuma Refugee Camp on July 24 2016. RFR’s primary focus is aimed at developing and helping  students prosper through mentorship and sharpening of skills.  RFR aims to create a new generation of innovators through empowering them with hope and education.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to give hope to children and people living with vulnerabilities (elders, disabled, sick) through community building for a better tomorrow.  Our vision is to remove the concept of disabilities from society and instead change the mindset of those of have been labelled as unfit to a mindset of power!

RFR has three primary focuses:

  1. Mentorship-gives skills and knowledge on survival and hope
  2. Adult Education-provide entrepreneurship knowledge
  3. People with disabilities- provide them with training and counselling