Refugees for Refugees

About RFR

Refugees for Refugees was created in Kakuma Refugee Camp on July 24 2016 by Moses Bingu Albert “Musa”. RFR passionately believes in the power of changing society through transforming mindsets. Our mission is to give hope to children and people living with vulnerabilities within Kakuma in order to create a better tomorrow. We aim to create a mentorship program that gives skills and knowledge on survival and hope. We also aim to provide adults with education in order for them to have knowledge on entrepreneurship. Moreover we focus on helping people with disabilities through training and counselling. 

RFR is a community based organization looking to create a better tomorrow through helping those in need. With the consulting of Kakuma Network RFR has been able to expand and add new volunteers in their network. Through community building RFR makes a difference helping those in need.

Who we help

— Widows

—Physically Disabled

— Learning Impediments

— Traumatized Individuals

— Mentally Ill

— Orphans