Learning Today for Leadership Tomorrow

About kakuma learning network

Kakuma Learning Network’s (KLN) goal is to help create the future generation of innovators that will be leading the way in Kakuma. Through education not only can the circumstances in the camp change but individuals feel empowered. KLN began with the Hope Givers project in December 2020 and has since expanded to 7 different projects. These 7 different projects do not follow traditional school routes but provides a new 2021 education through mentorship and project based learning. Many of the projects within Kakuma are mission based and are growing at an accelerated rate. Through KLN we hope to help create better leaders that can empower their community.

What We Do

— Hope Givers

Hope Givers is an organization that is focused on providing scholarships to refugee students.

—Kakuma Art

Kakuma Art is looking to showcase the creativity of refugees in the camp through providing a global platform displaying their art.

— STEM Kakuma

STEM Kakuma looks to empower students to solve real problems by combining multiple fields within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

— From Camp to Campus

From Camp to Campus is a mentorship program that is led by students that used to live in Kakuma and are now attending different universities around the world..

— Pascal Academy Africa

Pascal Academy Africa is looking to develop an advanced placement program to help accelerate youth.

— Napata School

Napata Secondary School is a high school within the camp that we are hoping to help with improving education.

-Storytelling Competition

The International Storytelling Competition is focused on raising awareness of Kakuma through sharing stories and dreams.