Leading Tomorrow's Leaders

Founded by Jalil Hajimir & Aman Sahota

About kakuma Camp

Kakuma Refugee Camp was established in 1992 by the UNHCR and Kenyan Government. Kakuma is located between the border of Kenya and South Sudan near Turkana Lake. Kakuma is one of the largest refugee camp in the world with over 180,000 people. The camp consists of people ranging from different areas of Africa including Sudan, Uganda, Eritrea, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and Congo. Kakuma began in 1992 as “The Lost Boys of Sudan” arrived in Kakuma. Everyday more then 800 people arrive to the camp from South Sudan alone increasing the population at an accelerated rate. Kakuma is a city of thatched roof huts, tents and mud.

Kakuma is full of problems within the camp. There are dust storms, high temperatures, poisonous animals and outbreaks of diseases such as malaria and cholera. Kakuma has a daily average temperature of 40 Degrees Celsius making it difficult for residents within the camp. Many rely on rations from the UN and cannot afford to attend post secondary school leading them become volunteers as teachers. Less then 1% of the population goes to higher education. Visitors arrive skinny, hungry, with little clothing and sometimes even get separated from their families.


Our mission is to try and create a sustainable environment in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Through self-reliance, community building and global support we aim to empower the community to become sustainable. In the future we hope to build online education to help provide access to those who need education.


We envision a world where all refugees are given equal opportunities to grow and prosper within and outside of the community. We hope to create a network between Refugees and others around the world to create new opportunities. We believe education can not help with the growth of the community.

What We Do

— We Help to Create

Our projects are built with the support of the executive members that help community members in the way that they see fit.

—We Build Networks

By building networks globally we aim to raise awareness of Kakuma in order to receive the necessary help that is needed.

— We Strengthen

We strengthen and empower individuals by helping them build their own projects in order to help others.

— We Educate

Through education there is a true impact on lives. Education goes beyond school for our community and we look to build on the necessary skills to thrive in life.

— We Innovate

Through 2021 education that promotes project based learning we aim to innovate the generation of leaders within and out of Kakuma!

— We Consult

Anyone that is looking to create a positive impact on Kakuma can receive consultation on how to implement their projects.

Developing Projects

Kakuma Learning Network

Kakuma Learning Network is a network of projects looking to improve education within Kakuma. There are 8 different projects within the Kakuma Learning Network that aim to build on the foundations of education.

Kakuma Technology Network is a platform that is looking to create jobs in the tech industry for those living in Kakuma. We are hoping to develop real jobs for those living within the camp through this program.

Kakuma Health Network

Kakuma Health Network is a program that is looking to educate on sustainable practices in order to combat some of the diseases within the camp. By creating a community of learners and educators health in the camp can be improved.

Refugees for Refugees was established by Moses Albert Bingu in 2016. RFR is a program that to help vulnerable populations within the camp through their voluntary services. RFR is a CBO looking to inspire those who have exposed to harsh conditions.